Surrogacy Center in Tbilisi
Safe decision to become parents
Fast processing of documents for a child
We will transport embryos from any clinic in the world
Reproductologists and curators with great experience in different medical programs
New medical center with modern equipment and experienced specialists
The clinic has all the resources to offer couples complex support for surrogacy programs from the selection of a surrogate mother to the quick processing of documents for a child.
in touch with biological parents and surrogates
support team members
years of surrogacy experience
donor oocytes
Why choose ART Baby?
The center is located in Georgia
Priority registration of parents
A country loyal to surrogate motherhood and reproductive tourism
Donor material is available
The use of cryopreserved and donor material is allowed
Full package of documents
An agreement with a surrogate mother, a certificate from the IVF clinic on the transfer of an embryo to a surrogate mother and a certificate of a child’s birth
The right to be registered as a child's parents is immediately reserved to the parents, not the surrogate mother
Stages of the surrogacy program
Surrogate childbirth
Registration of documents for a newborn

Prenatal care
Selection of a surrogate mother
Consultation and contract signing
Receipt of material: IVF program or transportation of embryos from your IVF clinic

Embryo transfer and pregnancy diagnosis
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Surrogacy programs
Complex program support
One IVF program and donor material
Coverage of pregnancy risks
Complex program support
Coverage of pregnancy risks
One IVF program and donor material
Complex program support
Coverage of pregnancy risks
Unlimited IVF program and donor material

Application form
Do you have a partner?
Is your marriage registered?
Do you have any embryos?
Common questions
Where will the embryo transfer to the surrogate mother take place?
At the SILK Medical clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia.
There are two options for obtaining embryos:
  • We will carefully transport your embryos from any IVF clinic in the world
  • You combine the IVF program at SILK Medical with a vacation in picturesque Georgia
The quality of medicine?
SILK Medical in Tbilisi was opened by the founders of the largest Russian IVF clinics. The team consists of reproductologists and embryologists from Russia, the staff and specialists speak both Russian and English to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.
What expenses for a surrogate mother are included in the program?
The agency takes care of all medical and every-day support. The surrogate mother will be provided with everything necessary for the safe and calm carrying of the baby. The amount of the final compensation is also already included in the package of services.
Is it possible to do IVF with donor material?
Yes, of course, this is allowed by the legislation of Georgia. Donor oocytes and sperm are already included in the Optimum and Unlimited programs.
How often is it necessary to visit Georgia during the program?
Only for signing the contract and paperwork for the newborn. If there are no embryos, then it is necessary to set time for the IVF program in Tbilisi. During the pregnancy of a surrogate mother, there is no need for your personal presence: the curator and the attending doctor will inform you about her health, tests and the course of pregnancy.
What are the requirements for a couple?
A couple who have been married for at least one year can use the service.
If the marriage is not registered, you need to provide evidence of living together.

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